Burr, It's Cold Out!

Posted by Jesse Tilner on

Burr, It's Cold Out!

As the temperatures start to drop, dog owners need to be mindful of how the cold weather can impact their furry friends. Just like in humans, the cold can exacerbate joint pain and arthritis in dogs. The chilly weather makes joints stiffen up and ache, especially in senior dogs or dogs prone to joint issues. Here are some tips on keeping your dog's joints healthy and comfortable during the colder months:

  • Keep your dog active, but don't overdo walks when there is snow and ice on the ground. The slippery terrain can cause dogs to twist their joints or put strain on their legs. Shorter, more frequent walks are a good approach. Consider investing in some dog booties or paw balm to protect their paws from snow and salt irritation.
  • Make sure your dog maintains a healthy weight. Extra weight puts more pressure on joints and can worsen joint pain. Avoid overfeeding with too many high-calorie treats.
  • Consider supplements. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3s can help keep joints lubricated and healthy. Talk to your vet about supplement options that are right for your dog.
  • Provide soft, warm bedding. Joints stiffen up when a dog sleeps on a cold, hard surface. Make sure they have a comfy dog bed in a warm area away from drafts. Consider an orthopedic bed or memory foam for maximum comfort.
  • Give massages. Gently massaging your dog's joints and muscles can increase blood flow and relieve stiffness. Focus on areas like the legs, neck, shoulders and hips.
  • Use joint supports. Dog leg braces, harnesses and wraps can help stabilize joints and prevent injury, especially when exercising or playing. Consult your vet on the best options.
  • Monitor for signs of pain. Dogs may lick or bite joints, have trouble with stairs, be reluctant to go on walks or jump up if they are in discomfort. Talk to your vet if your dog seems to be in pain. Medications or physical therapy could help.

With some planning and adjustments, dog owners can keep their beloved pets active and comfortable even when the weather outside gets frightful. Don't let joint pain keep your furry friend from enjoying the fun of winter.