Our Story

Making Nutrition A Treat

Rusty's Story

   🐶 Rusty is 13 years old but still plays like he’s a pup and would have anyone who meets him believe that he is much younger than he really is. I think it’s his puppy dog eyes personally! He was abandoned in New Mexico and I rescued him in Colorado when he was just 8 weeks old and man was he cute or what?

For Fun...

My big baby pup, loves nothing more than playing fetch with squeaky tennis balls and taking naps. He’s not a big fan of swimming but LOVES sunbathing on the top step of the pool!  🎾

As a dog dad, who is invested in my own health and wellness, I know that as Rusty gets older, I need to pay more attention to his health. At the first signs of paw discomfort (lots of licking!) I turned to allergy and immunity products.

helping Dogs One Paw
At A Time 🐾

With some success, I searched for what I would consider a clean product and truthfully, did not find much. What I found was a lot of claims and corner-cutting to focus on profit, so, Rusty and I set out to create our own!

🦴 Rusty takes his Mealtime Multi every morning with breakfast and his Daily Defense each evening with dinner and he still gets just as excited for his vitamins as he does his regular treats!