Mealtime Multi - Multivitamin - Best Value (4jars)
170 Chews Per Jar
Daily Multivitamin for All Breeds, Sizes and Ages
Made with CoQ10, Pumpkin, Probiotics, & More
The Pups Love These!
We’ve got an old dog that needed a healthy and tasty treat that can he can get behind. He’s a very picky eater and had a lot of ailments. Rusty’s was the perfect to incorporate into his meals — he scarfs it all down happily. The rest of the pups also agree!
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Mealtime Multi - Multivitamin - Best Value (4jars)
170 Chews Per Jar
An all-natural, organic daily vitamin - Peanut Butter
Mealtime Multi provides all of the vitamins and minerals your pup needs to thrive. Delivering 100% natural, nutritional support for your pooch, this all-around multi-vitamin supplement harnesses the power of nature to help them enjoy their life to the full EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Support Immune System
Omega-3 & 6 For Skin & Coat
Calcium To Build Strong Bones
Green Lipped Mussels For Joints

We Recommend 1 Chews Daily

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Made in the USA in a FDA Registered Facility
7 Active, Natural Ingredients
CoQ10 (100mg)
Supports heart and neurological health
Biotin (3mcg)
Aid in dry and sensitive skin
6 Probiotic Blend (30 Billion CFU)
Gut and digestive support
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (100mg)
Supports healthy skin and coat
Pumpkin (100mg)
Digestive health through the amino acid Cucurbitin
Organic Green Lipped Mussel (75mg)
Natural inflammatory reducing joint discomfort and protecting cartilage
Organic Coral Calcium
Strong source of calcium in its natural composition
View Inactive Ingredients
Deionized Water, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Flaxseed Meal, Sunflower Lecithin, Brewers Yeast, Blackstrap Molasses, Sunflower Oil, Carrots, Beets, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Cucumber

what sets us apart?

Clean & Effective

Natural & organic ingredients sourced ONLY in the United States

no fillers
gluten free
no palm oil
no corn
no soy
no canola
non gmo
What kind of dogs should take Rusty’s?
All dogs! We’ve designed our chews to fit the diet and routine of all breeds, genders, and any age. Since we’ve portioned our chews by weight, the heavier the dog, the more chews they get daily
Can my dog take these with other medication?
Our chews are designed and intended to be an addition to any healthy and regular diet. Adding Rusty’s to an existing diet will help provide support beyond the traditional nutrients of dog food. As always, we recommend speaking with your vet for any questions specific to your dog.
What if my dog won’t eat them?
We will be honest, its happened only a handful of times! As amazing as our feedback has been and the delicious peanut butter flavor, if your dog refuses to eat our chews, please reach out and we will issue a refund. All we ask is that you pass on your chews to a dog mom or dad to try them!
How often should my dog eat them?
EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Consistency is key as we are working towards the prevention of health issues rather than the reaction to those issues. Rusty’s helps build a strong foundation of wellness for our pups, from the inside out, and daily use will help unlock the true potential of our formulas. Our Starter Kit was formulated to be taken daily together, one chew during the day and one during the evening.
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100% Happiness Guaranteed…
All Breeds, Sizes & Ages!
We’ve yet to come across a furry friend who did not gobble up our peanut butter flavored vitamins but that does not mean they aren’t out there.

If for some reason your pet is not satisfied, please reach out to us.